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Desenhos na Agua Exhibition - Espaco Espelho d'Agua, Lisbon Portugal

Orange Water

Orange Water

Ralph Kerle's Desenhos na Agua (Drawings On Water) Exhibition contains a series of new works based on the artist's reflections on his journeys on water.

Espaco Espelho d'Agua (Space Mirror Water) Av Brasilia, S / N -. Ed. Mirror Water (next to the Discoveries) 1400-038 Lisboa Phone 21 301 0510

Espaco Espelho d'Agua (Space Mirror Water) was the result of a public competition organized in 2012 by the Tourism Association of Lisbon - ATL to operate part of a building located in the emblematic district of Belem, facing the Tagus river. The space comprises an area of ,200 m2 and was initially built in 1940 during the Portuguese World Exhibition.

The project's motto is that this place where there are 5 centuries ago the Portuguese left for the world, is now a platform of cultural connections where they bring back the contemporary cultures of the different regions where the Portuguese walked this adventure during major navigations.

Thus we propose the creation of an area where develops gastronomy activities, art gallery and design, music, film and video, and other forms of cultural dissemination.

Bearing in mind the whole historical background site, and what it represents in the present world situation, we aim to create an artistic and cultural environment that reflects on the relationship of the Portuguese with the world and the world with the Portuguese.
The plan still have a business incubator space connected to the creative economy and the artistic creation through partnerships with universities, cultural institutions and private companies.

Present in this place of Portugal the most varied forms of contemporary cultural expression of countries that relate historically is undoubtedly an exciting and high potential project.