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New Works - Sydney, Portugal and Dubai

  • Ralph Kerle's Art Intercontinental Hotel, 117 Macquarie Street Sydney Australia (map)
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The evening will feature a live-cross to The Mark Rothko Art Centre in Daugavfils, Latvia, where Ralph will be an international 'Artist-in-Residence' from April 2020, for a conversation with Inita Paegle, Curator, and Vineta Straznova, Owner, CREA Interior Design Gallery, Riga who has exhibited Ralph's work in Latvia previously.


2019 has proved to be a genuinely ground breaking year for my work. Even better, we have not had to move and are still open every day at the Intercontinental Hotel! 

Two new series of works have been created - one in Aveiro, Portugal and one in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Whilst the new works are still water based reflections, a breakthrough in content and colour can be observed because of the geography of the landscape and the light in these new environments. I'm excited and keen to share these new works for the first time publicly.

To add further impetus to 2019, I have  been offered two major international exhibition opportunities that will be announced at this May event with a special guest appearance by one of the curators.  

To celebrate these new developments, we would like to invite you for drinks on Friday May 31 February at 6.00pm.

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Really hope you can join me