My Photographic Journal 1

The Attack of Red - To-day's Best Efforts at Serendipity

Today I begin a journal based on my creative thinking whilst I am kayaking and attempting to create art. The journal's content is philosophical and technical, reflecting on my creative struggle in the moment in a constantly changing and moving environment. 

In the first instance, I am trying to learn what the best camera is for the shots I want to take. I am not a camera technician. I have no real interest in the technical functionality of a camera. I am only interested in the content of the images as they appear to me whilst I am kayaking and what the best instruments are available to capture that content. I did some basic research on types of cameras after several years of struggle with an iPhone 5 only to discover the jpeg photo files on an iPhone are not big enough to blow up to 1 meter size proportions. Research revealed high end compact cameras, small enough to handle easily and quickly on a kayak offer good options. Reviews revealed Canon G7X and Sony RX100 Mark111 were best in class for my application and I acquired one of each. Now I am learning how I can get the best image with the limitations these tools have.

When you are taking shots of the water surface - several things to consider. How fast the tide and the kayak are travelling, how close can I get to the image I see with my eye and what will the camera do to get that image for me. There are three ways of looking at photography says professional photographer Anthony McKee. 1) Staged technically - camera, lens, lighting etc fully prepared and constructed for the shot. 2)  A frame and shoot approach where the camera can be adjusted manually. But the scene itself is fixed and constant.  3) Serendipity - point, shoot and see what comes out. This is my mode.   

So what do I need for serendipity to occur. 

This is what I am exploring this month in the journal.