My Photographic Journal 5

Water on Tinnie - Serendipitous Shot of the Day

Water on Tinnie - Serendipitous Shot of the Day

I like the compactness and swiftness of response from the Sony. The zoom lens is 24mm to 70mm compared to the Canon zoom of 24mm - 100mm. This means the Sony reacts quicker and is more easily controllable whilst I am kayaking into the image. I am going to keep shooting with this lens for a while to see if I can get the variety of images at different focal lengths that the Canon offers with its extra 30mm in zoom functionality.   

I set the aperture at f8 and like the Canon the colour seems to blow out ie it is paler than when I am using f5.6. When I am using this aperture setting there appears a general blurriness in the sharpness of the edges of the image. I am trying it at f6.3 next kayak. 

The Sony Mekon Case viewfinder is not as user-friendly as the Canon Mekon Case so I need to work harder by pulling my head down onto the camera whilst sitting in the kayak to get theframing right. However, when I get the framing right, the shooting response is smoother so I get good supply of images. 

I need to focus on the viewfinder and the framing on the next kayak.