My Photographic Journal 3

A Water Mining Environment - The Shot of the Day

A Water Mining Environment - The Shot of the Day

To-day is a good example of photographic serendipity. It exemplifies how hard it is to create great images every trip. The weather was fine with blue sky. The water surface was relatively still and shiny oily silver so a good day to shoot. However, to-days shot of the day is the best among a mediocre option of three out of 68 shots taken. Part of my creative challenge here is to understand why that is.

Pleasingly the Canon GX7 on f8 has resulted in more consistent foreground and background focus ie better depth of field. So I am happy with that. I am beginning to understand how the autofocus operates on the move. It seems I can take three shots sequentially whilst the kayak is moving before the viewfinder goes black, shows "#busy" and starts saving. The saving process takes about 2 seconds and by that time I have moved beyond the best position to take the shots. 

The skill I need to develop is to line the kayak up to get the speed right going into the shot. I am continuously moving into a moving image as opposed to a shot being framed around a still scene.

I am using the rear viewfinder more effectively when focusing. The Mekon Canon Waterproof Case appears to have been designed so the viewfinder section on the rear is clear plastic whilst the remainder of the area on the rear of the case has a roughed up plastic surface. This allows a better view from the camera's viewfinder whilst somehow the roughed up surface encasing the case's viewfinder absorbs light and reflection. It means I can actually see what I am framing sometimes. 

I am going to continue with the Canon for the next couple of kayaks.