The Enter Art Foundation’s “42 Contemporary Artists” Exhibition, Berlin Art Week 2018

A selection of shots from the Enter Art Foundation exhibition “42 Contemporary Artists”, a vital part of the Berlin Art Week. The Enter Art Foundation is a unique Berlin based not for profit visual art organisation founded with the express purpose of curating exhibitions designed to introduce the work of emerging artists to European audiences. As Gunter Sachs said “ even with technology, emerging artists are still the hardest to find and are almost invisible to the public”. Head Curator, Dr Suzy Royal’s role is to select between 30 to 40 artists from the hundreds of submissions she receives and to curate those works into a reflection of the Enter Art Foundation manifesto. The works of the selected artists are actively promoted by EAF in a series of exhibitions that so far in 2018 have included Stockholm Art Week and Bonn.

I am honoured to have been selected as one of the emerging artists and to have had my artwork featured in the marketing promotion for the exhibition and the Berlin Art Week 2018, a whole of city celebration.