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Carried on Water, subjectobject Gallery, Berlin Germany

Ralph Kerle’s Paintings on Water goes to Berlin

Paintings On Water, an exhibition of photographic art by Australian artist Ralph Kerle, will open at Berlin’s subject object gallery in July.

subjectobject will become the third European gallery to exhibit Kerle’s work following runs at Lisbon’s Espaço Espelho d’Agua in 2015 and Latvia’s leading design gallery CREA Riga in 2015-16. The work has also been mounted in exhibitions in Sydney (2015) and Melbourne (2016).

Paintings On Water is a collection of images that come out of abstractions in nature photographed during Kerle’s kayak journeys on Sydney’s Middle Harbour. They have been described variously as meditative, emotional, inspirational and aesthetically beautiful in their abstraction.

‘Paintings on Water visually explores the interplay between the surface of the waters of Middle Harbour and the power of physical movement in kayaking as creative inspiration. I discovered on a very fundamental human level, the synthesis of these elements freed my mind from mental darkness whilst recharging the soul with the light of new thinking,’ says Kerle.

Ralph Kerle began kayaking on Middle Harbour, Sydney Australia around six years ago as a way of finding a non-pharmaceutical remedy for depression. His daily morning kayak suddenly opened up a world of new visual perceptions; offering boundless moments of insight whilst connecting him as closely to nature as the original Aboriginal inhabitants of Middle Harbour, the Cammeraygals.

International art critic Damien Smith has offered the following observation. ‘Ralph Kerle’s photographic impressions of Middle Harbour, Sydney Australia appear to us not only as reflections of nature. Rather they speak past the possibility of continuum, and not only of our place within the ceaseless flow of time, but also of our ability to be actors within the conditions of our existence and to shape our relationship with the world.’

Ralph Kerle is a multi-media artist using image, sound and text to create works that push the edges of art practices. Graduating from the Victorian College of The Arts majoring in Dramatic Arts in 1979, he ran the iconic Melbourne alternative cabaret venue, the Flying Trapeze Café in its heyday (1978-81). After a stint as Associate Director of the Sydney Theatre Company, he was a pioneer in the creation and production of digital multi-media live performance art shows in Australia in the early 1990s. The Paintings on Water photographic series sees him return to a single image practice.

His work is now in corporate and private collections in Australia, Greece, India, Latvia and Singapore.


19 July to 3 August 2017: subjectobject.de, Berlin, Germany. Website: http://subjectobject.de/

Further information is available at www.ralphkerlesphotos.com. To arrange an interview please contact Ralph on 0412 559 603.