Peach Country


Peach Country


980 x 550cm mm

Signed and numbered original Giclee print on museum quality archival paper - Canson Edition Etching Rag 310gsm

Limited edition of 50

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  • Ships in a tube domestically and internationally

  • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

  • 7 Day money back guarantee

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Peach Country

Part of The Painting On Water Series

Paintings On Water is composed of works that reflect on abstractions in nature as an art form.   

I am of the opinion abstract painting is not an unconscious act of visualization by an artist. I believe it forms as the result of an artist's subconscious observation in reality and an abstract painting is the artist's manifestation of what their brain has perceived it sees.

The Paintings On Water series is based on capturing those unconscious abstractions in nature first, using a 21st Century medium - the digital camera - enabling the viewer to form their own perceptions of what these natural abstractions represent.

Background to Ralph Kerle's Art

Each work consists of abstractions found in reflections on the surface of water. The images are not photo-shopped or artificially created. They are images nature has created at a moment in time and exist in reality..  There is no right or wrong way to view the work. Each piece is designed for viewers to form their own meaning through the image's shape, colour and form. The works purpose is to encourage pleasurable aesthetic mediation and connection.