My art is a series of original photographs that capture moments in time when nature coalesces
into visual abstraction on the surface of the water. The images are not photo-shopped or artificially created. They are
images that nature has created and exist in reality. They are designed as peaceful meditations on the way we engage
with the environment in which we live and how we think, see and communicate our sense of “being” in it.

 Orange Water

Orange Water

 Yellow Masked Mast

Yellow Masked Mast

The Art Collection 2018

Signed numbered individually produced original Giclee prints limited to editions of 5 designed for collection and investment

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The Print Store

Signed original high quality Giclee prints limited to editions of 50 designed for interior and lifestyle decoration

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The Story of Ralph Kerle’s Art

A 6 minute film in which you join Ralph at work in his unique"studio" as he calls it. He explains how the environment affects his work, the development of his art and the thinking behind his creative process

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